Tips for keeping your blanket like new.



Rumpl blankets are designed to shed dirt and odour, however, periodic washing is still needed for optimal performance. Use a performance wash to gently clean and maintain the water-resistant treatment. We recommend Granger’s to all Rumpl owners! Note:Only wash your Rumpl in a front load washing machine and do not dry clean.



Air/line drying is encouraged, but you can use a standard drying machine with the heat turned off. Warning: Too much heat can melt the fabric and insulation.



We do not repair damaged blankets but we have a few recommendations.

How you fix this depends on the size of said hole. If it's smaller than a 1p coin, we recommend Seam Grip as your best, most inexpensive option. If it's larger, we recommend Tenacious Tape.  Note: We don't recommend sewing this fabric unless you are a master with this type of fabric!  

We recommend washing your blanket with Granger's Performance Wash.

If there is a manufacturing issue that falls within the warranty, reach out to us so we can exchange it for you!



While the compression of the blanket is totally allowed and encouraged, storing your blanket in the stuff sack for long periods of time can decrease the loft of the insulation and cause the blanket to be less warm. Definitely make sure the blanket is dry and wiped clean before packing it away and periodically take the blanket out of the stuff sack to give it that breath of fresh air it deserves. This will help maintain loft and prevent odour build up.

Of course, we hope you're using your OG Puffy so much that it doesn't even see the inside of its stuff sack!  

More questions? Drop us a line at and we'd be happy to help.