Rumpl's mission is to introduce the world to better blankets.

We apply performance materials typically found in premium outdoor gear and activewear to modernise a dated and boring blanket category.


Our values describe us both as individuals and as a company. We strive to apply this mindset to everything we do and everything we make.

Embrace the Adventure

We’re a young company defining a new category. There is no blueprint for us to follow. Every day presents unexpected challenges, roadblocks, and opportunities that we need to navigate. Embracing the Adventure reminds us to enjoy the moment and savour the climb on our way to the summit.

Create Excitement & Fun

Rumpl is an exciting, youthful, and visual brand. This has not only defined us from the start, but it's also what sets Rumpl apart from the dated blanket manufacturers of yesteryear. We take pride in exciting, bold ideas that keep things fresh and fun. We aim to crusade with every ounce of our being against the boring and mundane.

Make Things Simple

We don’t need more bells, whistles, and thingy-dingys. We think that the simplest solution is usually the best. We apply this approach to our products, our internal processes, and general approach to business.

Look to the Future Responsibly

Looking to the future responsibly means thinking sustainably. This means that we prioritise scaling our business responsibly with the “long-haul” in mind, never too fast or recklessly. We seek ways to reduce our impact on the planet by incorporating recycled materials in our products and leveraging transportation options that reduce our carbon footprint. And finally, when possible, we leverage our voice and our influence as a platform for social good.

Be Approachable and Honest

Whether it is communication with a consumer or communication with each other, we always aim to be approachable and honest. We are rooted in an outdoor industry that celebrates hardcore gear and epic pursuits. And we dig that, but to the newcomer, it can be intimidating. Rumpl avoids that stigma by being a trusted and approachable brand that makes fun, friendly products that anyone can enjoy.

Promote a Balanced Lifestyle

We know that in order to bring our best self to work everyday, we need balance. This means giving our employees time to pursue their passions outside of the office. This allows everyone to approach their work with more excitement, creativity, and focus.